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São Paulo 10-18 to 10-19 2012

October 18, 2012
The Flight:
Steve and I met at the bus stop high on life and ready to embark on a crazy Brazilian adventure.  We paid our one dollar fare, hopped on, got to LAX, flew to Toronto and landed in São Paulo 20 hours later.

Samantha's Place:
Samantha picked us up at the airport and she drove us up to her home in the São Paulo hills.  It was a beautiful introduction to the area.  We passed through the different sectors of town as she pointed out interesting facts and history.  We arrived at her house and she showed us to our individual poolside rooms.  You walk out the door and you are surrounded by a private orchard with a variety of exotic fruit trees.  We rested up, ate some exotic fruit and got ready to hit the town.
Wonderful View

Yummy Fruit
October 19. 2012

Steve, Samantha and I headed out to the sector of Itaim for some light drinks.  We wanted to have authentic Brazilian drinks, so we ordered Caipirinhas - which are made from Cashasha which is a Brazilian sugar cane alcohol.  It is then mixed with various fruits, sugar and ice.    We had a few drinks and then headed to our next destination of Pinheiros.  Here we entered a Brazilian dance club.  To be honest, although fun, it was very similar to clubs in the states.  The main difference was that the people looked a little different and didn't speak English.  We danced into the night and by 3:30, we were ready to head to bed.
With Marcelo - Samanthas friend who showed us the places to go
Anothe Caipirinha please
The best beer in Brazil (get the dark)
Brazilian BBQ: 
The next morning, Samantha presented us with an option.  Eat at a decent Brazilian BBQ, or the best one in São Paulo.  The only catch was that the best one had a price to match...$60 for lunch.  But when in Rome, do what the Romans do - well at least the rich Romans.  So we hopped in the car and arrived at what I would refer to as heaven.  Whatever you could dream of was being served.  Anything from fresh cut Brazilian beefs to herring to caviar.  The sodium content was through the roof; but damn the food was good.  After seven plates, I called it quits.  We had some dessert and Samantha dropped Steve and I off in downtown São Paulo to fend for ourselves.   Pinacoteca:  I am not a huge city guy but I do enjoy the occasional art piece.  So we headed to Pinacoteca on the subway for some cultural stimulation.  We breezed by several paintings until we found one that spoke to us.  It was a three paneled painting that told an intricate story of of a woman's life.  We spent about a half hour piecing together the story and after we exhausted out supply creative brain cells, we headed to the streets.
Plate number one
Look at all the cheese
Samantha about to eat chicken hearts
Seventh Plate...I am full
Downtown São Paulo:  
There is a saying that goes "You must get lost to find yourself."  With my and Steve's poor direction sense, we definatly found ourselves lost.  We aimlessly wandered around the streets making cultural observations and commenting on how everyone has increased lumbar lordosis from excessive weight in their gluteus maximuses. That is nerdy physical therapy talk for the women had huge asses and sway backs.  We chatted as we passed 10 identical donor kabab stands and 10 identical fast food and juice bars.  It was an cool feeling to see something so novel, but it gave me an eery reminder of America having Starbucks and McDonalds on every street corner.  We finally decided to ask for directions at a police station with our proudly learned "Onde e o parque luz."  Success, we were sent back on track and headed to meet Samantha for our bus ride to Rio.

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