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Morro Sao Paulo 10-28 to 10-29-2012

October 28, 2012

The Island:
As we approached the beach by boat, I realized that this wasn't just any beach. It was a mini laid back town nestled in a microscopic island two hours off the coast of Salvador Brazil. Reggae music was playing, the ocean was calm and crystal clear blue, we were surrounded by beautiful people, friendly people and the entire island had a very relaxing vibe.
Sleeping on the boat
Leaving Salvador Behind
You arrive at the dock and there are loads of men armed with wheelbarrows to take your baggage to teh top of the hill for a small fee.  We polite denied their requests and set off to find a hostel.
On the dock
We searched around different hotels and hostels bartering (since it is low season) and searching for one with tow beds, air condition and centrally located. We found one that was a two minute walk from the main beach which is called second beach. Perfect!
Alley to our hostel just minutes from the beach
I spent the entire afternoon playing in the ocean like a little kid. I generally stay away from the water in Santa Monica beach because it is cold and I usually only prefer to be cold if it involves attempting to climb a mountain. So I don't spend much time in the ocean. I was like a kid let loose in a candy store. I found myself at point of the day pretending to be a fish with lasers and attacking other fishes by twirling and thrashing. This obviously as all in my head and must have been a site to see if someone was watching me from the beach.
Beach View
Lunch on the beach
View of second beach - it is nice to come in the low season - less crowds
Brazilians don't get many beach sunsets because they are bordered by the Atlantic. So thirty minutes before sunset each night on this island, everyone gathers at a bar on the highest hill of the island that overlooks the ocean. Live music is played, drinks are served and everyone watches as the sun descends.
 October 29, 2012

Beach run and beach: 
We slept in late and woke up to do a each workout. I'm starting to feel like I am getting back in shape. They had a makeshift bamboo pull-up bar, so I did some pull ups. Jumped in the water to cool off. The water there is so warm. It is like a bathtub. You can just relax in it for hours.
Chillin after the beach run
We finally had the mixed seafood moqueca for dinner. It was loaded with all different types of seafood. The served a side of pirao (a thick four and seafood broth porridge), farafa and not sauce. Mighty tasty.
Yum Yum
Full moon party: 
We relaxed a bit and had some food and drinks on the beach. Steve met a girl on the beach and was talking and dancing with her for a while, so I headed back to the hostel to sleep. Steve told me the next morning that the girl was a prostitute and when she told him that, he lost interest. Prostitutes are called "working girls" in Bahai and after careful inspection, they can easily be detected. They are overly made up, always have a cell phone, short skirts and tend to migrate into areas of white people and make eye contact.

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