quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

Florienopolis 10-31 to 11-2 2012

October 31 

Renting a car
Our original plan of renting a car hit a speed bump after processing our paperwork.  We had the keys, insurance and had negotiated into upgrading the car.  Steve and I jumped in, excited to speed off to the beach.  I looked down at the center counsel and noticed the car was a stick shift.  I dont know how to drive stick.  I asked Steve.  He had no idea either.  Turns out a non stick shift car would be 90 USD a day, which is ridiculous.  So we decided we should probably take a quick lesson from the Hertz guy on how to drive stick.  He got into the car and gave us a mediocre lesson in halted English.  Steve felt this would be enough to get us by, although I still had my doubts.  Steve started the car and it immediately stalled.  I looked at Steve and we decided that learning to drive stick on a rental car in a foreign country is not the best idea.  So we took a cab to the hostel.
How do you work these things
Taking a cab.  A little disheveled after our failed rent a car attempt/
The Hostel:
We decided to go big and get a nice room for teh last two nights of the trip.  So here is a view this morning from my bed. Today is a low key day as all of the traveling and minimal sleep is starting to catch up.  Today we rest, tomorrow we celebrate Haloween! 
A view out my window from my bed
The rest of the time spent in Florienopolis was a blur. A combination of fatigue from constant last minute travel plans, four months of not having a stationary place to live and a bit more mild weather lead us to just take a bit of time to chill. The season was low and the tourists were few. We were staying in a hostel and for the first time we were surrounded by English speakers. The hostel was really cool, but it felt a little like a young frat house and I was seriously lacking the desire to mingle with more Americans on the trip. While in Florienopolis, Steve and I hiked to secluded beaches (Mole and one other) that aren't so secluded in the high season, had great dinners and just mingled."

Halloween party:
The standout of this area was the Halloween party. After regrettably shaving my mustache because of feared looks from locals, we got ready to head to the party. We bought tickets to the event with no clue how fun it would be. The party was hosted in a mansion atop a hill that was decked out Haloween style. The setting had the perfect contrast of a few tourists,many locals and paid Halloween actors. Actors dressed as goons and goblins would interweave between beautiful people dressed in their finest clothes. We were told this is where Brazilian woman dress to look their prettiest in order to score wealthy men so they don't need to work anymore. We were told to dress to impress. I wore jeans and a T-shirt but still managed to get a fair amount of attention when I told people I was from California. We stayed out until 5 in the morning and took our party bus back to the hostel in Barra de lagoa. Both Steve and I crashed.

There was no longer any more room at the original hostel, so we relocated to another one closer to the lake. It was cool to see a different area, but by this time we were both pretty spent. I had completely lost my voice and could only communicate through whispers and Steve was so tired that 
he slept through our late night party plans. We ended up having a nice dinner then going to bed early. We woke up and I began the 26 hour journey back to LA.

Trip Perspective: 
Over 16 days: Spent the night in 11 different places, took 5 plane flights, three overnight buses, two ferry rides and visited four distinct regions. Such a great trip and a great perspective of Brazil.

Trip Single word memories:
Caypeereenya, close fala English, ao karo, pal, pal de quejo, all of the fried snacks and aucre stands, adorei, oi tootabone, oi tootabein, voice kech chirach uma photo comigo, reall good fruit crossbreed ending in __muia, kilo restaurants, salty meat, double kiss rio, single kiss São Paulo, vose e sexy and linda, caporera, small waters at restaurants, obrigado, boom boom, banian dressed up ladies, acaraje, farafa, pay first and then give receipt to people at the bar.

Trip Event memories: 
Party in São Paulo, climbing Christo, hanggliding naked, sugarloaf, showing up to airport with no plans, banian culture, chapada waterfalls and snorkeling, morro São Paulo calm warm water beaches, beach workouts, florienopolis deserted beaches in low season night life.

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